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Not Just SEO, Not Just Digital, and When Sales is also Not Enough

Updated: Mar 17

Your journey in this world, and every path you take is influenced by the unique experiences, cultures, and knowledge you carry with you. This journey represents your individual understanding of the world, shaped by your personal histories, friendships, educational background, and upbringing. When a group of explorers gaze upon a magnificent view, each person might feel a sense of awe, but their emotions, thoughts, or interpretations are as varied as the paths they've walked to get there. In the realm of education, such as Marketing, we are introduced to established maps and compasses—standard approaches to navigating this terrain. While many may follow these guides, we need to understand that different terrains require different set of equipment to chart a course, and for Monique Lam Marketing, discovering unmarked trails that lead to unexpected discoveries is what we do best. For example, students in tax and accounting are taught methods and how to adhere to certain tax and accounting practices, but how many of those students excel into a mastery of "creative accounting?" Whether that is ethical or not, is a separate discussion. Nevertheless, if you've worked with me in the past, you would already know, I like challenging the status quo (not because I enjoy ruffling feathers at the top), because I understand that in order to achieve different results, we need to do something different.

Marketing is Anything but Conventional

Marketing, at its core, is a blend of science and art. At Monique Lam Marketing, we don't just view our role through the lens of a marketer; we step into the shoes of a sales representative first, seeking to build a solid foundation with strategies designed for sustained success without solely relying on ad spend. We've shared innovative ideas with leaders and have helped many gain a deeper understanding of their audience. Yet, the "secret sauce" to success remains closely guarded.

When Sales is Not Enough

I hear you asking, "what do you mean sales is not enough?" The perspective shifts when speaking with entrepreneurs or sales managers, whose focus often leans towards immediate sales success. Focusing on short-term gains is understandable but tends to overlook the broader picture. During prosperous times, hitting targets might seem straightforward, but what happens when the economic landscape shifts? The usual tactics—expanding product lines, adding more suppliers/vendors, distributors, channel partners, or increasing the sales force—can lead to unpredictable results and an over reliance on top performers.

A prime example of this principle in action is the story of Blockbuster. Once a giant in the video rental industry, Blockbuster failed to adapt to the shifting sands of consumer preferences and technological advancements. While Netflix, Amazon, and other companies were quick to recognise and adapt to the growing demand for online streaming services, Blockbuster clung to its traditional brick-and-mortar business model. This lack of adaptation and unwillingness to shift focus from immediate sales and physical expansions to a more sustainable, future-oriented approach ultimately led to its downfall. The company's failure to pivot to an online streaming model, despite clear signals that market expectations were changing, serves as a cautionary tale. It highlights the importance of looking beyond immediate sales success and adapting to the broader economic and technological landscape to sustain long-term growth and relevance.

Ecosystem of Beliefs

Rather than overturning the foundational beliefs and processes upon which your business is built, we strive to complement and enhance them. Our approach involves building intricate, yet intangible gears within your business mechanism—tailored to the unique phase of your business journey. Through research, we are able to advise you whether or not, sales is not enough, and there are other factors you may consider due to the competitive and economic landscape.

Taylor Swift's Secret Sauce?

The marketing successes of Taylor Swift, often highlighted by marketers and industry groups, offer a noteworthy example. Yet, what's frequently overlooked is that her success didn't happen overnight. Taylor Swift's (Tay Tay) accomplishments can be largely credited to her authenticity and her remarkable ability to connect with fans across various age groups throughout her music career. While her marketing campaigns are effective, it's her brand persona—a blend of a beautiful soul with a strong, feminine presence that's fearless in expression, exuding love and positivity—that truly defines her success.

Remember the times Tay Tay penned songs about her past relationships. Her personal life is no secret, and she openly shares her thoughts. Over time, she has cultivated a fan base that admires not just her music, but her genuine nature and what she stands for. She has outshined her peers, many of whom are tightly controlled by their public relations teams, managers, or marketing agencies.

So, what lessons can we draw from Taylor Swift's approach? While many musicians adhere to traditional marketing tactics and strategies, backed by substantial marketing budgets and high-profile agencies, they often miss the crucial, underlying mechanisms—those "gears" working behind the scenes—that contribute to the unique success formula of a brand.

What Sets Monique Lam Marketing Apart?

We're not here just to provide another set of marketing services. My vision goes well beyond what's typically expected of a marketing agency and with a unique marketing strategy. Additionally, we prioritise partnerships with clients who share our philosophy and vision. Therefore, our client selection is not driven by the availability of a large marketing budget, but by a mutual understanding and alignment of goals.

Monique Lam Marketing breaks away from the conventional agency blueprint. Our goal is not to blend into the market with similar services but to differentiate ourselves through a distinctive mix of familiarity and innovation, in addition to strategic integration across various departments. While our services may resemble those offered in the wider industry, it's our 'secret sauce' tailored for each client that truly sets us apart.

Our core philosophy treats marketing as a science, with research at its heart. This approach enables us to develop a unique 'secret sauce' for your business, blending science with the art of marketing to achieve success, regardless of your marketing budget's size.


Contact us today for a confidential discussion to determine if we're aligned in making this partnership successful. We value efficiency and seek to collaborate with those who have a comprehensive understanding of marketing, sales, and overarching business objectives.


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