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Marketing Portfolio:
Our Success Stories

Event Management

We offer comprehensive event management services that includes everything from creating invitations to gathering the desired number of attendees and their details. We also provide custom marketing materials tailoured to the day's requirements, ensuring the audience understands the event's value and purpose. Our approach involves aligning the objectives of all involved parties, in this example, the distributor Dicker Data, the vendor Veritas, and the channel partner Konverge, to ensure a cohesive and successful event.


Organic Lead Generation

We have set long-term goals with our client Konverge and successfully generated warm leads through valuable content created and published on their owned media channels. Our strategies primarily emphasise cost-effective methods to achieve desired outcomes. While SEO strategies typically require time to yield results, we quickly generated organic sales leads. These leads have since evolved into valuable customers for Konverge, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach.


Custom Merchandise

We recognise that businesses often have Marketing Development Funds (MDF) allocated annually, part of which may be spent on creating custom merchandise for branding. Our approach focuses on utilising these MDF investments for specific objectives aimed at achieving sales and marketing goals, thereby maximising the return on investment (ROI). The below example was a portion of MDF used to create custom aprons for Veritas and Konverge's American BBQ Cooking Class event. In addition to raising brand awareness, the apron will help create a positive emotional connection with the brand. It will also enable clients to remember the event and the discussions that took place there.


Website Refresh & Optimisation

Wendy Ho Optique's website hadn't seen an update in decades, and we had the privilege of transforming their online space. Our goal was to enhance how their services and brand values are communicated to their target audience. In the upcoming phases, we will extend our efforts to include their social media channels and other marketing communications, further broadening their reach and impact.


E-mail Marketing

Prior to creating any email communications, we thoroughly analysed the audience demographics, industry, and interests. We understand that email marketing is most effective when it operates as part of a broader campaign, rather than in isolation. Recognising that no one appreciates receiving spam, we ensure that each email sent by the business is valuable to your clients. This approach ensures optimal engagement and a positive response, as recipients recognise the relevance and care in each message.


Social Media Marketing & Management

We tailour our posts to serve various purposes—whether it's for tactical moves, branding, competitions, engagement, news, or events, and we utilise text, video, or both formats. We create the content and call-to-actions for each post, aligning them with the overarching business objectives and marketing goals. Below is an example screenshot of the tracker we use to understand each posts intent including the date that was posted, URL, and hashtags used.

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