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About Us

Revolutionising Marketing for Business Growth

Our Vision

Monique Lam Marketing is dedicated to revolutionising the marketing field by prioritising value-based strategies over traditional vanity metrics, focusing on building a solid foundation for long-term business success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the digital marketing industry by establishing a new benchmark for success, creating a 'secret sauce' for your business, focusing on cultivating deep, value-driven connections between businesses and their audiences. We aim for a future where our dedication to clients, commitment to excellence, and adaptable strategies set the standard, leading to sustainable growth and meaningful results for our clients.

Our Founder - Monique Lam

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Monique Lam is the driving force behind Monique Lam Marketing, an agency that stands out in the digital marketing world. With over 20 years of experience in the tech sector and a solid track record as an entrepreneur. Monique has mastered everything from managing big-budget projects to creating effective marketing strategies that boost sales and grow businesses.

Her journey is marked by a unique blend of corporate and entrepreneurial ventures, from holding pivotal roles in marketing, product management, and solution sales, to the creation and growth of businesses. This diverse background grants her a holistic view of the market, enabling her to navigate and thrive in today's competitive business landscape effectively. Monique's ability to bridge the gap between marketing objectives, product sales targets, and overarching business goals.

Her career has seen her working with big names in hardware and cybersecurity, such as Asus, Belkin, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, CyberArk, Exabeam and Yubico among others; showcasing her ability to deliver results across various markets. Monique's journey is not just about her professional achievements; it's also about her academic pursuits. She started with an Advanced Diploma of Marketing, where she graduated with distinction, and even ventured into Business and Law studies before deciding to focus entirely on her career. This choice paid off, as she found her real passion in making a tangible impact on businesses rather than continuing formal education.

Despite stepping away from a double degree, Monique also holds a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice with academic excellence and is a member of the prestigious Golden Key International Honor Society. Her commitment to continuous learning is evident in her certification as a digital marketing professional and earning the PCM® Digital Marketing certification from the American Marketing Association.

Today, she leads her agency with operations in both Australia and Canada, responding to the unprecedented demand and growth in these regions. Monique's approach to digital marketing transcends traditional methodologies; she aims to transform the landscape by fostering value-based marketing, educating clients on building solid marketing foundations, and adopting a personalised, insight-driven strategy that aligns with each business's unique objectives. Her mix of hands-on experience, academic knowledge, and entrepreneurial spirit makes her a standout leader in digital marketing, driving her agency toward new heights in the industry.

Our Expertise

We specialise in marketing for products and services in the technology sector; extending our expertise to a wide range of industries including retail, e-commerce, fashion, oil and gas, energy and more.

Our Approach

Proactive: We proactively take charge of your marketing needs, allowing you to focus on other business areas. Our approach ensures that your marketing strategy is executed flawlessly without the need for constant oversight.

Integrated Team Philosophy: We integrate with your internal teams, understanding your business to create marketing solutions that resonate with your company's ethos and objectives. Attending meetings on your behalf, securing sponsorship funding if required and any approvals prior to creation and execution.

Result-Oriented: Our focus is on tangible outcomes – increasing your client base, boosting sales revenue, and enhancing profitability. We measure success by the real growth and satisfaction of our clients.

Why Choose Us?

Collaborating with Monique Lam Marketing Agency equips you to achieve organic growth, even without the resources of a large-scale enterprise marketing budget. As proactive marketing experts, we specialise in generating SEO-driven content marketing initiatives, sparing you the need to supply extensive information beforehand. Our understanding of your industry is shaped by thorough discussions and in-depth market research. We are committed to value-based marketing, where your success is our success. Witnessing your business expand, fueled by our innovative and effective strategies, is at the heart of our vision.

Current Locations

We currently actively serve in two locations. Australia was our start up and we have expanded internationally to Canada.

Head Office in Australia

Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Head Office in Canada

Calgary, AB, Canada


Our Clients

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